Item Seed: VERONICA.


Description: a highly ornate picture frame, about the right size for an eight and a half inch by eleven inch sized piece of paper.  Both the frame and the ‘glass’ are both made out of Bakelite (a synthetic plastic). VERONICA registers as different on esoteric scans, but not really magical.

Powers: looking through the transparent ‘glass’ reveals the True Platonic Form of everything.  Fortunately, the ‘glass’ is cloudy enough that the item being viewed must be touching VERONICA (while still being visible) for the effect to work.  Looking at the Platonic True Form of a living creature for too long is contraindicated.

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Frank Castle will not be the best man, alas.

It’s apparently a slow day at CNN. It’s not supposed to be a slow day for me, but I am finding it difficult to buckle down and do what I should be doing. So… this.

Anyway, Hot Air Headlines is already starting in on the mockery, but this could actually be all right – as long as the author goes with the implied suggestion in my title and actually does make Frank Castle the best man. After all, he’s already part of that universe’s continuity.

No. Really.