My PJ Lifestyle piece on DLC is up!

Found here. Short version: people have issues with downloadable content (DLC). And I like to start fights in comments sections! No, seriously, there’s already one guy there telling me that I’m full of sh*t. Which is precisely what I (cheerfully) expected to have happen when I wrote the third sentence of the article’s first paragraph.┬áThe best part is, I don’t have to actually monitor THAT particular thread; :singsong: it’s-not-my-prob-lemmm…

Moe Lane

8 thoughts on “My PJ Lifestyle piece on DLC is up!”

  1. Eh. I’ve been a fan of DLCs since Doom .wad files were passed around on BBSes. (ask your parents what a “modem” is, kids) I can even forgive game companies for being .. well, greedy is an ugly term, so .. profit-oriented.
    That said, some DLC content really is what, in an operating system or spreadsheet program would be a “patch” .. and I kind of have a problem with shops that claim otherwise.
    Oh, and yeah, I chuckled at your .. shall we say awkward-but-accurate third sentence?

  2. I have no problem with programmers making enough to eat. etc etc. But I have a problem with AAA titles spending large amounts of their budget on graphics, and acting, and what looks like a buck on gameplay. And I haven’t bought a AAA title the day it came out since Master of Orion 3.

    1. In that case, Destiny is for you!
      Short version: excellent,addictive gameplay, lacking in almost everything else.
      Also a poster child for bad DLC practices. Mainly because the executive with the vision for the game and his loyalists were forced out, the story they’d created stripped out, and the various departments all proceeded forward without a shared vision but with plenty of bureaucratic turf wars.
      It’s both a disaster, and more fun than it has any right to be.

      1. Platform(s)?
        My XBOX 360 is getting .. creaky .. and I’m starting to wonder whether to jump to a PS4 or “upgrade” to XBONE…

        1. I’m on 360, but it’s on all four systems. There just isn’t cross platform play.
          If you’re interested, about the first quarter of the basic game is available as a free demo. It has full functionality for the first 8 levels or so, and if you decide to buy the full version, your progress will be saved so you don’t have to start over. (Also, if you move from 360 to XBOne or PS3 to PS4 you can carry over your characters. But not from MS to Sony or vice versa.)

          Feel free to send me a friend request, my GT is MoldyMaltQuaff
          If you decide to check it out, I can show you a few things that’ll help you along. And I’m not opposed to lending a bit of fire support if you’d like some.

      2. Yeah, I’ve been following the shenannigans of Destiny second or third hand. And maybe it’s fun, but it seems like a lot of the fun is in multiplayer. Which might be another topic for Moe to pontificate about, actually.

        These days I’ve been playing Path of Exile. Fun, maybe as addictive as Diablo 2 was. But I’m going to have to upgrade my computer to be able to deal with some of the fights.

        1. The multiplayer is… multiplayer.
          With the right people, it can be all kinds of wonderful.
          With the wrong people, it can be incredibly aggravating.
          The slick part of the game is the gameplay. I’ve actually run most of the game solo. But it’s much better to have people along on strikes, and for raids it’s necessary.

          1. One thing I should mention, the only time other PCs can directly deal damage to you is in PvP. You can kill yourself with a poorly thought out rocket launch, but the people around you will just look at your smoking corpse and shake their heads.
            Which isn’t to say that griefing is nonexistent. It just takes a lot of effort and isn’t very effective. But gamers are a devious sort, and playing practical jokes on friends is part of the make psyche.
            And of course, there’s the random sadist you run across every once and awhile. But most of them have left for gene issues by now.

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