#rsrh Rahm Emanuel ‘not eligible’ (finger-quotes) for Chicago mayor’s race.

I’m putting up the finger-quotes because, well, he’s eligible.  I know that this Burt Odelson fellow – who I don’t know anything about, pro or con – is stating that Rahm Emanuel is ineligible on residency requirements (H/T: Hot Air Headlines).  More details here: the short version is that Emanuel’s house has been rented out, the renters don’t want to leave, so even though Emanuel’s registered to vote and has his car registered to that address he apparently doesn’t meet the residency rules.

How do I put this gently?  The odds of this being used to successfully challenge Rahm Emanuel’s candidacy are not somewhere between “slim” and “none.”   It would be more like somewhere between “none” and “you should be smacked in the face with a halibut for wasting people’s time by suggesting this*.”  It’s fodder for the primary, which he’ll almost certainly win; and it’ll be fodder for the general election.  But I can’t imagine Chicago voters getting too upset about it.

Moe Lane

*Admittedly, a mouthful, even if you don’t swallow any of the halibut.

3 thoughts on “#rsrh Rahm Emanuel ‘not eligible’ (finger-quotes) for Chicago mayor’s race.”

  1. I wouldn’t be too sure, Moe – there are a lot of Chicago Dems who want Rahm gone from this race. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this was used by the people who don’t want Rahm to run to “officially” kick him out of the mayor’s election…

  2. I’m with Moe on this. “Living” somewhere is nothing more than a matter of maintaining an official residence, and you do that by filing paperwork — physical presence is not required. It would certainly look better if Rahm actually lived in the house he owned, but there should be no question that this is a non-issue. Move on. Dot org.

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