Hey! Maybe we in the GOP could take seriously the next Mayor of Chicago race?

I mean, sure it’d take a mira

A survey of 739 likely Chicago voters commissioned by the online Illinois Observer found Rahm Emanuel’s job approval at only 18 percent, with a disapproval rating of 67 percent. Slightly more than half those polled thought the mayor should resign, and nearly 64 percent said they thought Emanuel lied when he said he did not see the Laquan McDonald video during settlement negotiations last spring.

…OK, that’s close enough to one for government work.  I mean. Wow.  Good God.

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PS: Oh, stop carping about how it’s impossible and try it anyway.  I mean, seriously, why the heck not?  Just once?

So, basically, Rahm Emanuel is about to lose the Chicago mayoral runoff, huh?

Mind you, the original report that Brian Faughnan found is from a hard left nutjob who sees racists under his bed, but even when you discount the source this still doesn’t sound good:

Rahmbo should focus his chi there, a little. Or maybe enhance his calm (underrated movie, that).

Reminder: @AoSHQDD will be on the job tonight for the Chicago Mayor’s election.

It’s a pretty big deal, actually…

…because the mayor, of course, is Rahm Emanuel: and there’s some question about whether he’s going to be able to avoid a runoff tonight.  If there is a runoff in that election then expect that it’s going to be a remarkably bitter and messy one.  Rahm Emanuel is not exactly what one might call universally loved.

Not that anybody expects that Rahm’s mood will improve if the runoff happens.

Sic Transit Gloria Rahmbo?

This is not really good news for first-term Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel:

Only one in five Chicago voters credit Mayor Rahm Emanuel with doing a better job of running the city than Richard M. Daley did, and only 29 percent would support him if the mayoral election were held today.

Those are the results of a new poll conducted for Early & Often, the Chicago Sun-Times’ political portal. The telephone survey of 511 registered Chicago voters who said they were “very likely” to go to the polls on Feb. 24 was conducted Wednesday by the firm of McKeon & Associates.

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#rsrh QotD, “Righty, PLEASE.” edition.

Chris Mather/John Kass, on the allegation that Politico’s original Cain story was leaked by… Rahm Emanuel:

“Not only is the suggestion completely false, it is totally absurd,” Chris Mather, Emanuel’s communications director, told me. “It didn’t happen. It is false.”

Mather even offered to repeat it in several languages, but I believe her.

Yeah.  I particularly like that false/absurd dichotomy, there: you can almost see the “Like we’d be that rococo in our skulduggery” subtext.  Which is fair: there’s such a thing as professional pride, after all.

#rsrh So, this was one of the more bizarre days…

…in the blogosphere.  For the record, I still like Herman Cain – but his staff is currently getting really, really, REALLY into a death spiral with this story.  Not to be mean about this: suggesting that Rahm Emanuel would use the Rick Perry campaign as a stalking horse to try to derail Cain’s campaign?  Or that Perry would allow that to happen?  That is what we in this business call crazytalk.

Seriously.  My mind keeps trying to encompass a world where the two would collaborate on anything covert or sneaky without the scheme immediately being brought out screaming into the light by tight-lipped partisan staffers on either side, and failing: it keeps skittering on the surface of that thought like a beetle on a marble egg, always looking for an entrance that just isn’t there.

Just… no.

Moe Lane

[monotone] Bad Mayor Emanuel. Bad.

No biscuit:

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis says Mayor Rahm Emanuel “exploded” at her during a conversation in his office about his signature longer-school-day effort, pointing his finger at her, yelling and telling her, “F— you, Lewis.”

“I just want to call it immense disrespect for me and the Chicago Teachers Union,’’ Lewis told the Chicago Sun-Times Friday. “I didn’t appreciate the way he talked to me.”

Are you all ripped up inside about this?  I mean, I am all ripped up inside about this.  I bet you that whoever put this up at Hot Air Headlines is just as ripped up inside about this as I am, too.  I mean, how dare the Mayor suggest that teachers work an extra ninety minutes a day, with a mere 2% pay increase to cover it!  After all, the starting salary is only $50,557/year… OK, so it’s actually $50,577/38.6 weeks, at 6.25 hours/day.  Or $42/hour.  Admittedly, the new arrangement is a hit in salary: more gross, but per/hour goes down to $34.50, assuming that I did the math right – but Chicago is looking at a 635.7 million budget deficit this year.  The well is, as they say, dry.

And I think that the public sector union folks had better start realizing that.  Because, past history aside, when it comes to Rahm Emanuel (or any other Democratic elected offiical) explicitly telling a Big Labor bigwig “F— you” I for one will not be rooting for injuries.  I’d rather that a Republican was doing it, of course, but I’ll take what I can get.

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#rsrh Oh, yeah, they’re electing Rahm Emanuel mayor today…

whoopty do.  Three thoughts:

  1. Is that how you actually spell “whoopty do?” What’s the etymology on that one, anyway? – What?  Yes, I know: let me Google that for you.  I was feeling lazy.
  2. Does it entirely count as a fixed election if you were going to get the same result anyway from a truly open one? Note ‘entirely.’
  3. We should have put up a sacrificial lamb.  Just to mess with people.

I’d say “good luck” to the winner, except that the winner will be a Democrat, which means that my response is actually “Karma.  It’s what’s for dinner.”  And not just for the 600 million deficit that the Democrats have managed to rack up in that city…

#rsrh The Chicago Way.

OK, let me see if I have this straight: Rahm Emanuel quits being White House Chief of Staff and runs for mayor of Chicago.  The retiring mayor of Chicago is Richard Daley, whose brother William Daley is reportedly being considered for the position of… White House Chief of Staff.  Presumably this would be followed with Richard Daley endorsing Emanuel.


Brilliant – in its way.  But why the [expletive deleted] couldn’t they have shown this kind of ingenuity when it came to fixing the unemployment rate?

#rsrh Rahm Emanuel ‘not eligible’ (finger-quotes) for Chicago mayor’s race.

I’m putting up the finger-quotes because, well, he’s eligible.  I know that this Burt Odelson fellow – who I don’t know anything about, pro or con – is stating that Rahm Emanuel is ineligible on residency requirements (H/T: Hot Air Headlines).  More details here: the short version is that Emanuel’s house has been rented out, the renters don’t want to leave, so even though Emanuel’s registered to vote and has his car registered to that address he apparently doesn’t meet the residency rules.

How do I put this gently?  The odds of this being used to successfully challenge Rahm Emanuel’s candidacy are not somewhere between “slim” and “none.”   It would be more like somewhere between “none” and “you should be smacked in the face with a halibut for wasting people’s time by suggesting this*.”  It’s fodder for the primary, which he’ll almost certainly win; and it’ll be fodder for the general election.  But I can’t imagine Chicago voters getting too upset about it.

Moe Lane

*Admittedly, a mouthful, even if you don’t swallow any of the halibut.