So ‘Rahmbo’ needs GOP help to survive? …How *delightful*.

Rahm Emanuel:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is about as partisan a Democrat as there is in this country. But to win a second term and avoid a humiliating defeat, he’ll need to win over and turn out the small number of Republicans in the city.

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So, basically, Rahm Emanuel is about to lose the Chicago mayoral runoff, huh?

Mind you, the original report that Brian Faughnan found is from a hard left nutjob who sees racists under his bed, but even when you discount the source this still doesn’t sound good:

Rahmbo should focus his chi there, a little. Or maybe enhance his calm (underrated movie, that).

Sic Transit Gloria Rahmbo?

This is not really good news for first-term Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel:

Only one in five Chicago voters credit Mayor Rahm Emanuel with doing a better job of running the city than Richard M. Daley did, and only 29 percent would support him if the mayoral election were held today.

Those are the results of a new poll conducted for Early & Often, the Chicago Sun-Times’ political portal. The telephone survey of 511 registered Chicago voters who said they were “very likely” to go to the polls on Feb. 24 was conducted Wednesday by the firm of McKeon & Associates.

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WH nervously denies Rahmbo cut-and-run.

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Hot Air readers. And Jules Crittenden readers.

Given that the Telegraph report came out yesterday afternoon, it’s amazing that they’ve gone to the trouble of denying it before the start of business hours today. And to Fox, no less.

The White House Monday dismissed reports that Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel plans to leave his post after becoming frustrated with the Obama administration as “ludicrous.”


In response to the report, a senior White House official told Fox News the “ludicrous” story was “not worth looking into.”

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