Reminder: @AoSHQDD will be following the #IL18 primary results tonight.

Today is the day for the primary for the special election in Illinois-18. I’ve stayed out of that primary because I don’t really enjoy getting involved in primaries anymore. People invariably get upset when you like one candidate above another, and as a loyal Republican hack I prefer not to say anything in the primary that I’m going to regret saying later in the general.

Anyway: Mike Flynn vs. Darin LaHood vs Donald Rients, with the winner heavily favored to win this Republican district. Despite the fact that the incumbent Aaron Schock left rather… precipitously.  AoSHQ Decision Desk will be covering the election in real time tonight here, so check them out.

@AoSHQDD doing the live feed for elections tonight.

Their data is, as of this moment (6 PM Eastern), merely test data and not accurate. So don’t report on it yet.  But the results for the Chicago Mayor’s runoff*, the Ferguson, MO City Council races, and various Wisconsin elections can be found here.

Moe Lane

*I figure Rahm Emanuel will win this.  The other races? …Haven’t got a clue, sorry.

Reminder: @AoSHQDD will be on the job tonight for the Chicago Mayor’s election.

It’s a pretty big deal, actually…

…because the mayor, of course, is Rahm Emanuel: and there’s some question about whether he’s going to be able to avoid a runoff tonight.  If there is a runoff in that election then expect that it’s going to be a remarkably bitter and messy one.  Rahm Emanuel is not exactly what one might call universally loved.

Not that anybody expects that Rahm’s mood will improve if the runoff happens.

@AOSHQDD is looking for volunteers. And New Hampshire volunteers RIGHT NOW.

Ace of Spades HQ’s Decision Desk is actively looking for people to help out in collecting vote totals in New Hampshire’s Tuesday primary, as well as people to help out generally for November.  From a statement that they passed along to us:

This has been a fantastic project with bipartisan support and appreciation. We have happily shared our private results with election forecasters, pollsters, reporters and bloggers from Daily Kos Elections to Red State and all places in between. AP has had a nearly uncontested lock on election night reporting, and with the rise of social media and blogs we finally have an opportunity to do them one better, to deliver results faster and make accurate calls sooner. This fledgling operation could eventually give rise to a radical new method of election night coverage, or it could be a total dud. The difference will be the strength of my team and the consistency and accuracy in our coverage. We’ve had a blast covering the primaries this cycle, and we will step our game for the general election in November- if we have the numbers.

What is needed right now:

  • On-the-ground volunteers in New Hampshire now, and in November, for Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maine as well.

  • Volunteers who can crowd-source returns from the comfort of their home or office.

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Eric Cantor’s loss shows why DC pundits should follow @AoSHQDD.

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I was surprised, too.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s unexpected drubbing in the Virginia Republican primary, and the ensuing flood of breathless new stories, marathon TV talkfests and overdrawn analyses trying to explain it and its implications, laid bare a serious flaw in political news reporting these days: It is way out of touch with the average voter.

If it were in touch, many Washington reporters would have picked up pre-election clues from real people that Cantor was in trouble.

…but I at least saw the possibility of this race going to interesting place, thanks to the folks over at AoSHQ’s Decision Desk. While I thought to myself, Well, if Brat had maybe a week more he’d be able to pull it off, I was still made sufficiently wary enough that I didn’t go with my first impulse and call it for Eric Cantor the second the polls closed. Moral of the story: pay attention to @AOSHQDD.