#rsrh The inevitable Herman Cain “Man attacked by chickens video” post.

Well now.

On the other hand… they’ve certainly got a mechanism in place to get these things distributed, hey? – And it’s not like I disagree with the message, either. So… welcome to the 2012 race, brothers and sisters.  Just keep in mind that we’re in Bat Country now.

Well, it’s official: Herman Cain has a problem.

Mitt Romney decided to weigh in on it.

Mitt Romney today for the first time characterized sexual harassment allegations facing fellow GOP candidate Herman Cain as “particularly disturbing.”

“These are serious allegations, George,” said Romney in an exclusive interview with George Stephanopoulos that aired on ABC News and Yahoo.  ”And they’re going to have to be addressed seriously. I don’t have any counsel for Herman Cain or for his campaign, they have to take their own counsel on this.”

I guess this means that going after Herman Cain now polls well. Continue reading Well, it’s official: Herman Cain has a problem.

If this story is accurate, Herman Cain will not win Iowa.

(HT: Hot Air Headlines) Herman Cain will not even come close to winning Iowa.  This is the takeaway passage from the article that Team Cain needs to read and address right now.

Cain last visited Iowa on Oct. 22, and Tuel said the next time he expects the candidate back in the state is Nov. 19. Tuel also noted that plans are in the works for an early December bus tour through the state, much like the one Cain took ahead of the August Ames Straw Poll. Campaign sources said the tour might include a “mega town hall meeting,” with thousands in attendance.

During a lunchtime visit this week to Cain’s headquarters, located in a shopping center in the Des Moines suburb of Urbandale, reporters from ABC News found about a dozen volunteers telephoning potential supporters, many of them older Iowans. When ABC returned in the evening — a time when local campaign offices would usually be packed with an after-work crowd — only two volunteers remained in the office. They said that others were at home making placards for Friday night’s Iowa Republican Party Dinner, which Cain does not plan to attend.

ABC News visited the same campaign headquarters last month and found the office quiet and empty.

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Time for Herman Cain to take a three-day weekend.

This is not ‘jumping’ the shark.  This is using a parasail to hover above the shark, all the while throwing chum at it.

Background: Cain’s Chief of Staff Mark Block went on the air today to admit, yeah, it really couldn’t have been former Cain staffer Curt Anderson who leaked the original Cain sexual harassment story to Politico, given that Anderson’s denied it in Politico – and is now giving permission to every reporter that Anderson’s ever talked to about Cain ever to reveal the details of those conversations.  For those unfamiliar with the way Washington, DC works: that’s either suicide or supreme self-confidence… and the fact that Anderson is still upright and walking around kind of suggests that it wasn’t suicide.  So, that issue’s over at least, right?  Nope!  Herman Cain went on the air after Block did and indicated that he still suspects Anderson.  Because, you know, Perry Perry Perry Perry Perry.

And, oh yeah: they’re going to think about suing Politico.  Because they weren’t grinding metal on this story enough already. Continue reading Time for Herman Cain to take a three-day weekend.

#rsrh So, this was one of the more bizarre days…

…in the blogosphere.  For the record, I still like Herman Cain – but his staff is currently getting really, really, REALLY into a death spiral with this story.  Not to be mean about this: suggesting that Rahm Emanuel would use the Rick Perry campaign as a stalking horse to try to derail Cain’s campaign?  Or that Perry would allow that to happen?  That is what we in this business call crazytalk.

Seriously.  My mind keeps trying to encompass a world where the two would collaborate on anything covert or sneaky without the scheme immediately being brought out screaming into the light by tight-lipped partisan staffers on either side, and failing: it keeps skittering on the surface of that thought like a beetle on a marble egg, always looking for an entrance that just isn’t there.

Just… no.

Moe Lane

This was not a good phone interview for Team Cain.

Via @ewerickson… actually, it’s going around and around and around, but I have to H/T somebody.


Anyway, for those without video, it’s a phone interview where Geraldo Freaking Rivera scores points off of Herman Cain spokesman JD Gordon over yesterday’s allegations of past sexual harassment charges made against the candidate.  Gordon was unprepared, and (at best) uninformed about the facts about the case; he should not have taken that call, frankly.  Particularly since I’m hearing that the Cain campaign had ten days to prepare. Continue reading This was not a good phone interview for Team Cain.

Herman Cain ’12 Iowa caucuses: Obama, 2008? Or Dean, 2004?

Hot Air and Ace of Spades HQ are both contemplating the issue of Herman Cain, whether he can win, and whether he is truly likely to win.  Fortunately or unfortunately – depending on your point of view – I take a utilitarian point of view on the matter: what does the Herman Cain Iowa plan look like? Does it look like this?

Campaign organizer: We’re going to harness the power of the grassroots and take this country back by getting together and coming together with one voice in caucuses all across Iowa to win and we’ve got people calling and the enthusiasm out there that I’m seeing every day is infectious!

…or does it look like this? Continue reading Herman Cain ’12 Iowa caucuses: Obama, 2008? Or Dean, 2004?

I hate it when posts don’t look as good on the screen…

…don’t look as good as the one in my head.  Case in point: I had what I thought would be a highly entertaining slam against duckspeaker Janeane Garofalo (apparently, EVERYTHING she sees is racism, at least when it comes to Republicans*.  Including supporting minority Republican candidates) (via @mkhammer).  Alas, when I saw the finished product it just looked… lame.

Yes, yes, more so than usual, hardy har har.

Moe Lane

*As a good general rule: when I find an item that has excrement on it, I check to see whether the place where it came from is the source of the excrement.  When every item I touch turns out to have excrement on it, after a while I check to see whether the excrement is coming from me**.

**Trust me: if you have kids, then eventually you will have stealth excrement on you.

Herman Cain wins Florida straw poll.

By a significant amount:

[Herman] Cain, the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza who charmed the three-day Republican conference’s delegates, took 37.1 percent of the vote, with Texas Gov. Rick Perry second with 15.4 percent.

The rest of the results: Mitt Romney, 14 percent; Rick Santorum, 10. 9 percent; Ron Paul, 10.4 percent; Newt Gingrich, 8.4 percent; Jon Huntsman, 2.3 percent; and Michele Bachmann 1.5 percent.

The very quick take: excellent news for Cain, who generally shone in Thursday’s debate. Bad news for Perry, as he was actively trying to win this race (and did not shine in Thursday’s debate). Romney’s people are currently telling themselves and the media that it is not equally bad news for Romney, as he didn’t try to win this poll; which is true, but it’s bad news for Romney nonetheless. As Karl over at Hot Air notes, from Mitt’s point of view the race comes down to Romney vs. Non-Romney… and from what I’m seeing, the GOP base is more or less in agreement that they’d like not-Romney, thanks. For everybody else… this poll taunts Santorum, embarrasses Paul, and the rest should just go home. As should Santorum and Paul, frankly. Continue reading Herman Cain wins Florida straw poll.