I hate it when posts don’t look as good on the screen…

…don’t look as good as the one in my head.  Case in point: I had what I thought would be a highly entertaining slam against duckspeaker Janeane Garofalo (apparently, EVERYTHING she sees is racism, at least when it comes to Republicans*.  Including supporting minority Republican candidates) (via @mkhammer).  Alas, when I saw the finished product it just looked… lame.

Yes, yes, more so than usual, hardy har har.

Moe Lane

*As a good general rule: when I find an item that has excrement on it, I check to see whether the place where it came from is the source of the excrement.  When every item I touch turns out to have excrement on it, after a while I check to see whether the excrement is coming from me**.

**Trust me: if you have kids, then eventually you will have stealth excrement on you.