#rsrh So, this was one of the more bizarre days…

…in the blogosphere.  For the record, I still like Herman Cain – but his staff is currently getting really, really, REALLY into a death spiral with this story.  Not to be mean about this: suggesting that Rahm Emanuel would use the Rick Perry campaign as a stalking horse to try to derail Cain’s campaign?  Or that Perry would allow that to happen?  That is what we in this business call crazytalk.

Seriously.  My mind keeps trying to encompass a world where the two would collaborate on anything covert or sneaky without the scheme immediately being brought out screaming into the light by tight-lipped partisan staffers on either side, and failing: it keeps skittering on the surface of that thought like a beetle on a marble egg, always looking for an entrance that just isn’t there.

Just… no.

Moe Lane

12 thoughts on “#rsrh So, this was one of the more bizarre days…”

  1. Rahm working with Perry? Okay, stranger things may have happened.. but that’s just nuts.

    The only reason a hardcore partisan like Rahm would have anything to do with Perry would be to look for ways to stick the knife in ..

    I’d be surprised if the leaks leading it back to Perry would have waited for Cain to blow up… Hizzonner isn’t noted for a sense of .. timing.


  2. Moe, you have to explain this one to me. This baseless accusation against Perry involving a staffer hired AFTER the story was introduced to the Cain camp is one of the more vile accusations I have seen,especially when paired with the racially motivated accusations he has made in the past. You seem to separate Cain from his staff on this issue. How so? I don’t see how he can be likable when he is tossing grenades in enclosed spaces.

    1. gator_hoo: It’s a subjective call on my part, but a lot of stuff that looks like deliberate, unrepentant evil on the outside often from the inside looks more like snowballing miscommunication among people who are having really bad days.

      None of this applies to Democratic campaigns, of course. They’ve got their own people to give them the benefit of the doubt. 🙂

  3. Crazytalk, indeed. It is a boon for the leftys–they’re having a tough time making OWS look sane these days (Oakland, who saw that coming? EVERYONE) so Cain is tasty vittles. You could hear them draggin’ their knuckles over to these accusers’ homes and places of business. Main reason I never got into politics–I’d have to make my whole family “disappear”.

  4. Not that it really matters–I’m in the “and . . ?” camp. If there exists embarrassing info in your past, get in front of it for pity’s sake. It’s not like it was a blindside along the lines of say, a painted-over rock, for example. Another oppo hit? Hmmm . . .

  5. Sigh…I’m starting to think that my NotRomney Vote (TM) is once again up for grabs. This will be my fourth (!!!) pick. Is there no one running who is both competent and conservative? Vaccine wackos, Illegal squishes and now this. I really dislike the available field.

    1. :shrug: Don’t ask me, folks: immigration ain’t my top issue and I’m pretty much in line with Perry on that anyway. If you’d rather have Obama/Romney than him because of it, that’s your right as citizens of the Republic.

  6. Perry seems to be re-invigorated; good appearance on Hannity, more on-message. Immigration isn’t a priority for me either–employment, de-regulation, tax reform, repealing Obamacare. These are foremost.

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