#rsrh Jen Rubin enjoyed last week.

It shows.  This one was probably my favorite:

This is what an eloquent first lady’s writing looks like: “Though some Afghan leaders have condemned the violence and defended the rights of women, others maintain a complicit silence in hopes of achieving peace. But peace attained by compromising the rights of half of the population will not last. Offenses against women erode security for all Afghans — men and women. And a culture that tolerates injustice against one group of its people ultimately fails to respect and value all its citizens.” Yeah, I miss her too.

Who doesn’t?  Well, the antiwar movement, of course.  Then again, they hated the liberation of Afghanistan, too – so we already were aware of their lack of judgment*.

Moe Lane

*Remember: Not In Your Name.
Not then.
Not now.
Not ever.

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  1. I love Jennifer Rubin’s writing. I am signed up to Commentary’s RSS Feed just because I love her daily “Flotsam and Jetsam” articles.

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