#rsrh QotD, Lefty Bloggers Behaving Badly Edition.

From Jim Treacher, of course:

To put it in terms my liberal friends might be able to understand: Tony Hopfinger didn’t use his words and had to go into timeout.

Indeed. Quick operational tips for Lefties trying to emulate us Merry Pranksters here on the Right:

  1. When you’re trying to provoke a candidate into an unreasonable response for your video camera, don’t follow him into the bathroom.  We call that ‘stalking.’  Also, ‘squicky.’
  2. When the nice security guards drop by to have a word about how it’s not really cool for you to follow a candidate into the bathroom, don’t shove one of them.  We call that ‘assault.’
  3. When you ignore #1 and publicly admit later that you were guilty of #2, don’t be aggrieved that the consequences of your actions involved handcuffs until the cops arrived.  We call that ‘being a petulant little man-child.’

Sheesh, but some of these people get downright unpleasant when they’re losing nationally.

Moe Lane

PS: Joe Miller for Senate.