#rsrh Eyerolling the AK-SEN Hype.

The question over at RCP is “Can McAdams Pull Off Alaska Shocker?

The answer is ‘no,’ for three reasons:

  1. Despite the best spin of the McAdams campaign, he is not showing 35% support.  If you average out the RCP polls for the last month, you will find that the actual numbers have Joe Miller and Murk. tied at 34.2% each, and McAdams at 25.8%.  He has hit 30% once.
  2. Despite the best spin of the Murk. campaign, Joe Miller is not particularly fading.  One poll in the last month has showed him at 27%; otherwise, he’s hitting 36%.  Even with that one poll being taken into consideration, again, the Republican and the ‘Independent’ are tied and the Democrat is in a distant third.
  3. The Democrats are already getting a free gift in the Colorado gubernatorial race.  They don’t have the karma reserves to get one in the Alaskan Senate one.  You can ignore this one, if you like: the other two are plenty big enough on their own.

Sheesh.  Then again, they’re pretty smart over at RCP, so I figure that they know all of this already, but are just covering all the bases.

Moe Lane

New Alaska election write-in rules eliminate ‘Lisa M.’ gambit.

The above quote comes from a colleague, upon hearing the news that a fairly successful ‘get your name on the write-in list’ registration drive was formed in response to the Alaskan Supreme Court’s decision to suddenly make write-in candidate lists available for voters.  You see, if you look at the old list you’ll see that there’s already a “Lisa M.” on there (Lisa M. Lackey); and if you look at the original article you’ll see that anybody who requests the write-in list will have his or her ballot separated out, in order to facilitate any possible appeals.  That means that it’s going to be fairly easy to find all the flawed ballots where the voter was too unclear about which ‘Lisa M.’ was meant.

Hey.  Rules are rules.  What are we supposed to do, ignore the courts?

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Joe Miller for Senate.

#rsrh QotD, Lefty Bloggers Behaving Badly Edition.

From Jim Treacher, of course:

To put it in terms my liberal friends might be able to understand: Tony Hopfinger didn’t use his words and had to go into timeout.

Indeed. Quick operational tips for Lefties trying to emulate us Merry Pranksters here on the Right:

  1. When you’re trying to provoke a candidate into an unreasonable response for your video camera, don’t follow him into the bathroom.  We call that ‘stalking.’  Also, ‘squicky.’
  2. When the nice security guards drop by to have a word about how it’s not really cool for you to follow a candidate into the bathroom, don’t shove one of them.  We call that ‘assault.’
  3. When you ignore #1 and publicly admit later that you were guilty of #2, don’t be aggrieved that the consequences of your actions involved handcuffs until the cops arrived.  We call that ‘being a petulant little man-child.’

Sheesh, but some of these people get downright unpleasant when they’re losing nationally.

Moe Lane

PS: Joe Miller for Senate.