House Dems bribed to silence on tax bill?

Allahpundit calls House Democrats “a gang of cheap losers” for folding like this, and it’s hard to disagree: apparently, all that rhetoric about tax cuts for the rich can easily be trumped with an additional ethanol subsidy.  To which I say, drink deep: because in a world where Al Cubslayer Gore is talking about ending that kind of pork, the odds that it’s going to get renewed by the House next year is dropping precipitously.

Also, out of curiosity: is there anything that a Democratic politician will stand his or her ground on?  I mean, personally I have to take a somewhat detached view about what slop the President has to feed to his pigs in order to get them to stop squealing; the GOP currently has no effective control over that aspect of domestic policy.  Still… there’s more than the slop for Democrats, right? – But if there is, why can’t I figure out what it could possibly be?

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: You cannot make me respect someone who will not respect himself.

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