#rsrh Democrats involved in LA housing payola?

Via Instapundit, it’s time for another game of…


Two high-level state officials have frozen nearly $150,000 in campaign contributions raised for them by a low-income housing developer now accused of bilking government agencies.

State Treasurer Bill Lockyer and state Controller John Chiang said they have put the money into separate accounts while they await the outcome of a federal probe into Advanced Development and Investment Inc [ADI]. The company has built dozens of subsidized apartment complexes up and down the state with taxpayer money.

Lockyer and Chiang are both Democrats, of course.  So are LA City Council Members Ed Reyes, Janice Hahn, Jan Perry – and former Member Antonio Villaraigosa (now mayor of Los Angeles), all of whom took numerous cash contributions from ADI.  As ADI is now being investigated for fraudulent reporting, general fraud, and pressuring its subcontractors to make campaign contributions to politicians, this seems to be just the slightest bit of an oversight.

Not much else to say, really – except that between this and the fact that the Democrats’ worship of the delta smelt have managed to promote widespread food insecurity in Fresno (Fresno! ) I am thus forced to make a request.  Would the last person in California… actually, I don’t care whether you turn off the lights or not: I just want you to not move to Maryland.  Nothing personal, but whatever civic disease you have in your state might be contagious.

Moe Lane

3 thoughts on “#rsrh Democrats involved in LA housing payola?”

  1. Hey Moe, don’t judge us all with the same yardstick. I’m a constitutional conservative and I’m trapped in this hellhole. I want out so bad I can taste it and circumstances make it virtually impossible.

    California is going down the tubes. I hope only to survive it somehow. The people here are insane, but there are still a few of us on the side of light.

  2. “Nothing personal, but whatever civic disease you have in your state might be contagious.”

    😛 😛 😛

    (I’m articulate, I am.)

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