Prediction: Clarence Dupnik will lose his next election.

Via Ace of Spades and Mediate, here’s Tuscon Sheriff Dupnik’s… sub-optimal… interview with Megyn Kelly. Pay close attention to his commentary at about 5:15, where he implicitly blames the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Giffords on the Chinese.

…when millions of dollars are filtered into this country to buy very vitriolic ads, and they don’t have to identified, the countries that they’re coming from or the people who are donating them…

As has been mentioned lately, this particular line of conspiracy theory nonsense is endemic among the progressive Left, as illustrated by Ms. Carol Shea-Porter: but that’s not exactly the same (as also illustrated by Ms. Shea-Porter) as “a proven election winner.” Quite the opposite, in fact: as Dupnik will no doubt discover next year. If the Arizona GOP can’t make a case for replacing a man in his late seventies who threatened to taint a critical federal murder case through hasty partisan – and, frankly, somewhat paranoid – speculation, then they might as well give up now.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Ms. Kelly took this guy apart without raising her voice, and the best part is that Dupnik won’t realize just how badly he flubbed this until the first campaign commercials run. Perhaps he’ll blame it all on the Belgians? – It’s been a while since they had a turn.

PPS: Please, by all means: the Left should give him money.

8 thoughts on “Prediction: Clarence Dupnik will lose his next election.”

  1. Arizona is a fairly purple state, and the Tucson area is really pretty strongly Democratic. Dupnik got 64% of the vote the last time he ran. It’s going to take more than one gaffe to get him out of office.

  2. Wow That was unreal! They should take the guns away from this sheriff? He is a danger to the people. He is babbling and what he said is really sad for a law officer to comment on. I have never heard a law-officer make comments regarding only their opinion. He’ll be beaten in the next election. I would like to know if and what his people did when they received the other death threats this kid made. This could come back on the sheriffs dept if the threats are true. This kid should have been locked up or help should have been provided?

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