Come, I will hide nothing from you…

…I was playing the Dragon Age 2 demo. It was nifty. It is not Dragon Effect 2 or Mass Age 2. I may actually play a non-mage my first run-through so that I can have the right companion mix. Also, it has Varric in it, which is cool, but not as cool as his crossbow:

To quote my wife quoting the forums, that is a crossbow that fires crossbows that fires rock stars.  Otherwise known as a ‘shotgun’ – assuming of course that you can use a shotgun as a mortar, and may I say that there is something wrong with a universe that does not let you so use a shotgun?  I spent the entire second half of the demo (spoilers) area-effecting the room, giggling, and running away from all the things that I had just aggro’d.  Great fun.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “Come, I will hide nothing from you…”

  1. I’ve tried it on the 360 and PS3 so far (Mage and Rogue respectively), and will try warrior when I play the PC demo this evening. I’m almost deafened by the chorus of hardcore RPG PC player disapproval on forums, but I do think it borrows the best parts of ME2 but keeps a distinctly Dragon Age take.

    I’m so stoked!

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