Hey, it’s Skyrim: the Movie! (No, not really.)

This Vikingdom flick looks really, really bad.

…not to mention uncomfortably like some of my past gameplay, if I had somehow managed to play a game that combined the feel of Skyrim (yay!) with the combat animations of Dragon Age 2 (…yay?).  The martial arts Vikings were a nice touch: I personally like to ninja it out in my games whenever possible – and sometimes when it’s, strictly speaking, not.

Gee, the Bioware servers have melted down.

Weren’t you people all supposed to have jumped on downloading the Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin DLC ahead of time?  …Guess that there’s honest people in the world who don’t take advantage of the mistakes of others, after all*.


Moe Lane

*Don’t even think that I wouldn’t have bought the DLC early if I had been told about it in time.  I don’t steal stuff, but if the vendor accidentally makes it available ahead of time, well, that’s not my screw-up, is it?

Finished DA2: Legacy.

Not bad: not really a grind, some good backstory, they actually created new maps, and the last battle came perilously close to being a Total Party Kill.  Any combat where I have to run around for a while being chased by the bad guy until my spells regenerate enough to bring my party back to life is pretty much by definition a challenging combat: the designers expected me to be a Leroy Jenkins*, and lo!  I was.  If I wasn’t a mage with group healing/resurrect, I’d have been hosed, hosed, hosed.

Worth the ten bucks, in other words.

Moe Lane

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You know, there are things about Dragon Age 2…

…to complain about.

There is at least one (in my opinion: serious, annoying, infuriating) thing about the way that they ported Anders over from Dragon Age: Origins Awakening to Dragon Age 2 that’s worth complaining about.  And it’s not the fact that he makes a pass at your Hawke character, regardless of gender. That I could care less about*.

Mind you, like Tycho I default to female characters for Bioware games.  Mostly because if I’m going to be spending a lot of time being forced to look at my avatar’s butt (Bioware loves over-the-shoulder POV), it might as well be a butt whose aesthetics I can properly appreciate.

Moe Lane

PS: Why do I have the feeling that I’m going to end up regretting that I posted this?

(Spoilers below fold)

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Well, today’s the day. Dragon Age II.

And I’m being told that my copy of  Dragon Age 2 – Bioware Signature Edition has a street value roughly one and a half times of what I paid for it.  I should have bought four, sold two, kept one for myself and upgraded my wife’s copy.

Hmm.  Maybe I’ll do that for Mass Effect 3, if/when they offer an upgrade.  Except that my wife won’t need a copy for that one.

Come, I will hide nothing from you…

…I was playing the Dragon Age 2 demo. It was nifty. It is not Dragon Effect 2 or Mass Age 2. I may actually play a non-mage my first run-through so that I can have the right companion mix. Also, it has Varric in it, which is cool, but not as cool as his crossbow:

To quote my wife quoting the forums, that is a crossbow that fires crossbows that fires rock stars.  Otherwise known as a ‘shotgun’ – assuming of course that you can use a shotgun as a mortar, and may I say that there is something wrong with a universe that does not let you so use a shotgun?  I spent the entire second half of the demo (spoilers) area-effecting the room, giggling, and running away from all the things that I had just aggro’d.  Great fun.

Moe Lane