#rsrh Well, that was almost… “exciting.”

I’d say that the Mob there was about… oh, about thirty, forty-five seconds away from smashing that Republican state legislator’s head with a brick.

Fortunately, a couple of members of the Organizer/Politician castes were able to start a chant in the Mob’s hive mind that caused the individual meat-units surrounding the legislator to resist the urge for violence for just long enough. Which is good, of course. Let’s hope that the Organizers can continue to keep their lesser castes under control, though. It won’t end well if they do not.

Moe Lane

PS: Watch the [expletive deleted] thing again and tell me that this contempt of mine is uncalled-for.

PPS: Rep. Brett Hulsey (D)? Ever read The Case of Charles Dexter Ward?  No?  Too bad: there’s a really good piece of advice in there for the would-be magician.  It goes, “Do not call up what ye cannot put down.”  This is of course somewhat tardy advice in your party’s case, but better late than never, huh?

4 thoughts on “#rsrh Well, that was almost… “exciting.””

  1. Actually I think it was more along the line of “Do not call up THAT which you can not put DOWN and against which your greatest Powers are Useless”. Good advice, coming under the the Advice Category of do not start a fight you cannot win.

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