#rsrh NPR needs better producers.

Or perhaps just ones with functional consciences.  Short version: not only did NPR apparently confuse Michelle Malkin with Eric Holder (I guess that all non-whites look alike to them) when it came to Birtherism and secret Muslims; they expanded the bit to make fun of her extended family, at a time when her family is a little busy right now trying to locate a family member who has been missing for several weeks*.  The first bit is ‘merely’ one more sloppy bit of research and execution, researched and executed by people who are neither as intelligent nor creative as they think that they are.  But the second bit?  That’s just trash behavior.

I don’t like funding trash behavior.

Moe Lane

*For those trying to play the “They didn’t know!” card: two minutes of research on the Internet would have revealed this, given that Michelle has been burning up the Internet trying to find her cousin.  Although I suppose that it might make people feel better if it turns out that NPR is merely incompetent, not cruelly callous to other people’s suffering.

5 thoughts on “#rsrh NPR needs better producers.”

  1. At this point, given their long history of saying horrible things about other conservatives, I’m not inclined to cut them any slack whatsoever. I’m pretty sure it’s cruelty and not ineptitude.

  2. Here’s a clue: they didn’t bother to do the two seconds of research on the difference between “capitol” and “capital”; why should they do the two minutes of research on Michelle’s family. Shoot, I did more research for this comment.

    On the other hand, maybe they were just paranoid about any word that is part of “Capitalism”.

  3. “Ignorant”, “incompetent”, and “cruelly callous” are not exclusive to one another. As demonstrated by NPR in this case, it is perfectly possible to be all three at once.


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