QotD, Truly Charming Naviete edition.

Megan McArdle, on reviewing a pig farmer’s apparent realization that the locavore historical narrative is, well, a myth about local production that pretends that there was never such a thing as Chicago, and its associated, literally epic meat-packing industry:

I actually had no idea that such obviously ahistorical views were common in the local food movement–indeed, I suspect that he exaggerates.




Oh, Megan.  Never underestimate the need for humanity to tell itself stories.  Particularly religious stories.  And doubly particularly when the religion that the story is supporting is less sophisticated and intellectually rigorous than, say, Evangelical Christianity*.

Moe Lane

*Call me in five hundred years and we’ll see what faiths are still around.

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  1. I’m frequently amazed that people think Megan is intelligent. It takes a really, really, *REALLY* stupid or naive person to not realize that the food ritualists routinely lie to themselves and us.

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