#rsrh AOL, Huffington Post, Bill Maher, and the h-word.

“Hypocrisy,” of course.

It’s very entertaining to watch Newsbusters hammer AOL  and the Huffington Post for their rank hypocrisy in banning Andrew Breitbart from the latter’s front page for calling Van Jones a commie punk somewhere else, while letting Bill Maher stick around even though he used the c and t-words* somewhere else.  It’s even more entertaining to watch AOL and HuffPo try to put up a Cone of Silence on the subject.  But if you really want to hit AOL hard on this – and it has to be AOL; obviously, Arianna Huffington is comfortable with having one standard for people on the Right who make statements, and another with people on the Left who make infinitely worse statements – then you have to hit them in the only place that you can; their pocketbooks.  Which is very, very difficult, of course.

Oh, by the way: did you know that AOL still has 2.5 million actual subscribers, despite the fact that they don’t actually offer access that’s more sophisticated than dial-up?  Seriously.  If you have high-speed already, that $9.99/month plan pays for dial-up backup service; if you don’t actually need dial-up, you can keep your AOL account for free.

Interesting, no?

Moe Lane

*I wasn’t raised in a pigsty – unlike, apparently, Bill Maher.  I ever use these words on my blog, my mother would drive down from Jersey to kick my rear.  Which, of course, I would have to let her do.

4 thoughts on “#rsrh AOL, Huffington Post, Bill Maher, and the h-word.”

  1. Moe, unlike Bill Maher, you seem to have genuine respect for the women in your family. That’s why I’ve never actually read you use this sort of vile language. People who do use it, probably think Mommy Dearest was a skank and haven’t liked women ever since they figured that out.

    B. Maher is a sick little puppy. He needs resolve all the hanging Oedipal issues before commenting on female politicians.

  2. Took your advice, cancelled my subscription this morning. Really feels good for such a simple act.

  3. Hm, I wonder if I’m still considered a subscriber? I guess I should check. I’ve had that AOL email address since 1993!

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