No, the Milwaukee DA press conference has nothing to do with Prosser.

This is a preemptive post: the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board and the DA’s office for Milwaukee County is will be having a joint press conference Monday afternoon at 2 PM local time about a “significant investigation.” Given that the DA for Milwaukee County is a Democrat – and given that the election results for Milwaukee County have not yet been certified – there has already been some speculation that this investigation is related to last week’s re-election of Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser. However, at least one local news reporter has already confirmed with the Wisconsin GAB that the announcement is not related to last week’s race.

I mention all of this primarily because this story otherwise looks like precisely the sort of vague, information-free bare-bones notification of an event that the Internet can force-bloom into a beautiful Orchid of Hysteria; and it’d be nice if more of those got nipped in the bud…

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: The signs are good that it has something to do with last year’s elections, though. Various Wisconsinite election officials, campaign staffers, and/or website operators on both sides have been speculated upon; it’s interesting to see. Apparently Wisconsin was a bit of a war zone last election cycle… which makes a certain amount of sense, when you think about it.

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  1. Nah, this is the whitewash. All is hunky-dory and copacetic, Al Fucken Franken is really a Senator, and all those ballots that came in brown paper bags really are legitimate. Nothing to see here, folks, now move along…


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