#rsrh Details on CR deal out.

Hot Air has a breakdown of the cuts in the CR.  Very short version?  Conservatives have a valid beef: we could have gotten more, although there was a limit at this point to how much could have been hacked out of available funds.

But if you’re a liberal you should be livid at what we got in exchange for letting 330 million in Planned Parenthood funding stand*.

Moe Lane

PS: Now, onto the debt ceiling.

*For now.

2 thoughts on “#rsrh Details on CR deal out.”

  1. Small potatoes indeed. We have a $3.8 trillion budget, bloated with hundreds of billions in wasteful add-ons put in by Pelosi and Reid and Obama, ready to explode further when Obamacare adds more hundreds of billions in full swing, and we could only get about $16 billion of it taken out?

    This is like removing one gin-soaked olive from one martini for an alcoholic who is on a dozen-martinis-a-night bender.

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