#rsrh Springtime with Castro.

It’s spring, so it’s time for another article on how Communism in Cuba is surely on its last legs.  These hopeful articles spring up on a regular basis; the only problem is, it’s false hope.  Like it or not, the brain-drain of Cubans who are well aware that the United States – a country that will almost gleefully take them in and allow their talents to blossom – is a mere jury-rigged boat ride away means that the long-term prospects for reform are low. So we get the smart people who might have otherwise become actual reformers; they keep the idiots* who think that Marxism can be made to work, somehow.

In other words: great for us, bad for Cuba.  Don’t have an answer for that one, except maybe recognize the darn government and ease travel restrictions.  Not that I can really blame Barack Obama for not wanting to be the President who Castro finally beat; it’s not like every President before him hadn’t come to the same decision…

Moe Lane

*Marxism is intellectualism for stupid people.