I’ll believe Fidel Castro is dead when I see his severed head. [UPDATE]

[UPDATE: This story is probably dubious, but my larger point stands.  And, in fact, so is that bit about ‘in a just world…’]

Severed head with the mouth filled with garlic and salt and sewn shut; his heart pierced with a hawthorn stake with a silver tip; and the pockets of his clothes all carefully resown.  I figure that that’s enough to be really sure. Or we could just dunk the corpse in holy water and see whether it sublimates; I think that would work, too. Let’s find out!

…Look, I hope that the man made a good confession before he died, but it’s officially Too Late Now if he hadn’t – and Castro was an evil, vicious bastard when he was alive. And his brother’s – who is, effectively, the King of Cuba, only Raul Castro rules without any of the things that make monarchies more palatable – no better. If you’re sorry Fidel Castro’s dead, then I want you to know this: in a just world, Cubans would be using his aforementioned severed head in an impromptu game of football* right now.

Moe Lane

*Not our kind. That thing that the rest of the world plays.

Terry McAuliffe’s pro-Castro contributor.

Full disclosure: I have no particular love for the Baltimore Orioles, mostly because they’re neither the Mets nor the Blue Jays (yes, I know).  I note this because you could conceivably argue that my distaste at seeing Terry McAuliffe demonstrate that he’ll take $250 grand from anybody (in this case, Orioles owner Peter Angelos) is merely sour grapes from having both of the baseball teams that I (barely) follow be in the cellar.  This argument would be wrong, though.

I just have a real problem with anybody who would voluntarily sit next to Fidel Castro.


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#rsrh Springtime with Castro.

It’s spring, so it’s time for another article on how Communism in Cuba is surely on its last legs.  These hopeful articles spring up on a regular basis; the only problem is, it’s false hope.  Like it or not, the brain-drain of Cubans who are well aware that the United States – a country that will almost gleefully take them in and allow their talents to blossom – is a mere jury-rigged boat ride away means that the long-term prospects for reform are low. So we get the smart people who might have otherwise become actual reformers; they keep the idiots* who think that Marxism can be made to work, somehow.

In other words: great for us, bad for Cuba.  Don’t have an answer for that one, except maybe recognize the darn government and ease travel restrictions.  Not that I can really blame Barack Obama for not wanting to be the President who Castro finally beat; it’s not like every President before him hadn’t come to the same decision…

Moe Lane

*Marxism is intellectualism for stupid people.

Maurice Hinchey’s (D, NY-22) Spring-time with Castro.

Because, you know, what’s a little grinding poverty, utter failure of an economic system, routine and widespread violation of human rights, and general nastiness when compared against the need to keep a House seat?

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Shiving Raul.

Apparently Fidel Castro doesn’t quite understand that the best thing that he could do for Cuba right now is, well, die:

Fidel Castro: Obama ‘misinterpreted’ Raul’s words

HAVANA – Fidel Castro says President Barack Obama “misinterpreted” his brother Raul’s remarks regarding the United States and bristled at the suggestion that Cuba should free political prisoners or cut taxes on dollars people send to the island.

Either that, or he just doesn’t care. It’s probably ‘just doesn’t care’: as has been noted before, Fidel Castro has been a skilled player in the game of embarrassing American administrations for decades now. It’s apparently now President Obama’s turn, and he can hopefully take some comfort in knowing that it’s just business, nothing personal. Except, of course, that to Fidel Castro it’s one and the same…

Moe Lane

PS: The traditional phrase to mutter in these circumstances is “That [expletive deleted] can’t live forever,” Mr. President. Although one hears stories

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The Cuban situation about to get depressingly worse?

It can always get worse.

If you saw the CBC members’ visit to the Castro regime and winced (I’m sorry, but I can’t describe what happened there without using the word ‘slobbering’), I’m afraid that I have bad news for you: there may be more provocations to follow. Via Kausfiles, a reminder about how this regime operates:

…whenever it looked as if Cuba was on the path to rejoining the world, Mr. Castro has done something to derail its progress. Recall that he relentlessly battled Mikhail Gorbachev over perestroika and glasnost. Mr. Castro warned that these changes would be the Soviet Union’s downfall — evidently missing the point. In a new, flattering documentary about Cuba’s leader by Oliver Stone, ”Comandante,” Mr. Castro dismisses Mr. Gorbachev as a man ”who destroyed his country.”

Or consider what happened in 1996, after the Clinton administration and Cuba had settled on migration and drug interdiction accords. Mr. Castro (after months of warnings) shot down two planes operated by the exile group Brothers to the Rescue, killing four people. The result was the signing of the Helms-Burton Act, which tightened the embargo. Did Mr. Castro know that Congress would react this way? Of course he did.

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