#rsrh Maurice Hinchey (D, NY-22) …to retire.

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Yeah, normally I categorize this sort of thing as ‘cutting and running,’ but the man just fought off colon cancer.  That stuff is nasty and even I have limits to my dearth of sympathy towards Democratic legislators.

Anyway… NY-22 is currently D+6, but who knows what will happen after the next redistricting? …Actually, according to Ed Koch this is a – his words, not mine – ‘godsend:’ Continue reading #rsrh Maurice Hinchey (D, NY-22) …to retire.

Maurice Hinchey’s (D, NY-22) Spring-time with Castro.

Because, you know, what’s a little grinding poverty, utter failure of an economic system, routine and widespread violation of human rights, and general nastiness when compared against the need to keep a House seat?

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