#rsrh I am not thrilled with this.

Yeah, sure, from their plumage they’re apparently Code Pinkers, which is a group that I avoid comparing to pond scum mostly because pond scum doesn’t deserve the comparison, but since when do cops get to put hands on the throats of people who aren’t, you know, attacking them or anything?

I mean, seriously. You take a swing at a cop, the cop smacks you to the ground, that’s how it works. No beef there. But was this really proper procedure? – I ask mostly because I might feel like dancing at the Jefferson Memorial some day, and the last time I checked there are supposed to be some pretty hefty Constitutional protections in place to allow me to do it.

I think that the US Park Police needs to review/update its training procedures.

Moe Lane

PS: To reiterate… to hell with Code Pink. I hope that they win their court case, get a buck in damages, and have to pay their own court costs.

2 thoughts on “#rsrh I am not thrilled with this.”

  1. Code Pink? The group that funneled money (and who knows what else) to al’Qaeda forces in Fallujah, with the explicit assistance of multiple Democrats from the House and Senate?

    F— them.

    Maybe the police were in Iraq and were downrange of some of the ammo Code Pink helped buy. Or have a relative or friend who was. Or maybe they just know about Code Pink’s treason, and the treason of the federal prosecutors who let them get away with it.

    It likely is a bad idea to let police get away with this, especially for political reasons. But I’m not talking about disagreements on regulation or spending or the scope of government — but TREASON, as bald and as shameless and a million times worse than anything Benedict Arnold ever did.

  2. The only conflict I feel is whether or not to feel conflicted over their takedown. If these vermin are actually the least bit interested in protecting or strengthening the civil liberties of all Americans I see no evidence of it in this video. They were doing what they do best: Being provocative. No Rosa Parks moment(s) here. Just punks being punks.

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