OK, I might as well admit it.

I have pretty much no desire to do anything for the rest of the afternoon except watch The Stand on Netflix.

Hey, it was a pretty good miniseries up to The Scene With The Hand.  Admittedly, that was abruptly the point where the whole thing became an egregious piece of sh*t, but I can stop watching before that happens.

6 thoughts on “OK, I might as well admit it.”

  1. My brother scared the living daylights out of me shortly after we’d both seen the first episode of “The Stand” (Y’know, the one with That Scene In The Tunnel Where Everybody’s Dead). I was coming home late from some sort of sports practice and he heard me approaching on my ten-speed. He hurried into the garage, got into the driver’s-side seat of my dad’s car and rolled the window down, knowing I’d have to walk by him to get in the house. I drew level with him, not taking notice of him in the slightest, when he gave a “HUUUAAAHHGGGH!” and lunged at me.

    Have you seen this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NPkPvjRdtE

    Yeah, that was me.

  2. Funny, I finally got around to watching ‘The Stand’ for the first time about a month ago. You know it is a Stephen King story when you have some form of 50’s greaser punching people and taking their proverbial lunch money. I think ‘The Stand” really spent a lot of time on that post-apocolyptic, “lets party with all this free stuff cuz everyone is like sooo dead!” high that no doubt lots of anarchist lefties have continual wet dream over.

  3. Guess I’ve never watched it through to that point. Goofy, but not much worse than the climax of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

  4. Moe: Yikes. That was aweful.

    Rob: Oh come on. The “Raiders” ending was perfect. They talked how the Ark was very dangerous from the very beginning.

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