Of two minds on this @keder thing.

Ed Morrissey noted today that the paid-for-with-your-tax-money White House Director of Progressive Media and Online Response Jesse Lee seems to have an unhealthy obsession with countering Kevin Eder’s Twitter feed – much to the amusement of, well, everybody*.  Lee then apparently decided to up his game by responding to Ed, which may or not represent a guilty conscience; a tacit admittance that Morrissey’s point was well taken; or a particularly comprehensive AI simulation program.  It’s hard to tell with the Left on Twitter, sometimes; they get worked up so over every little thing.

Still, while it’s fun to kick them, I don’t think it’s something that you want to make a habit of.  After all, the Online Left’s job is to keep us from doing our job, which is to show up the Left’s masters not doing their jobs.  Or, as I put it back in 2010When I’m on my way to the main hall to deliver a message I see no reason why I should stop at the kennels along the way.

Which is why this isn’t a front page post on RedState. Frankly, Jesse Lee needs to up his game if he wants to get that kind of attention on a regular basis.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*No, we’re not sure why Kevin was so honored, either.  And by ‘we’ I am including Kevin, who is just as entertained and surprised as the rest of us.

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  1. Sounds like the Obama White House is making the opposite mistake that the Bush White House made– namely, trying to answer every critic instead of answering way too few of them. With any luck, it’ll make them look like they’re firing wildly in all directions and thus will be ignored when they’re actually answering what they should have saved their ammo for.

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