#rsrh Debbie Wasserman-Schultz goes wobbly. Again.

On a day where Steny Hoyer tells the world that the House GOP is playing Russian Roulette (with a loaded gun) with the economy and the President – look, it was his tortured and brutalized metaphor, not mine – and Harry Reid is tweeting away that Tea Partiers aren’t real Americans, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz goes Full Metal Hand-Stapled-To-Forehead and starts babbling about dictatorships because House Republicans dared to show this motivational clip* at a debt ceiling meeting.


And they wonder why every Democratic candidate for the last forty-five years has felt obligated to demonstrate at some point that he or she is not in fact a wimp.

Moe Lane

*Clip via Jim Geraghty, who also notes that Chuck Schumer seems determined to demonstrate with this that he’s a much better at being weak-willed and silly than Wasserman-Schultz could ever hope to be.  So Schumer gets a Shaddap, Sign:

Shaddap, Sign!

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