#rsrh Fun exercise in double-think for our #p2 colleagues!

Come up with a reason for NASCAR racers to turn down a visit to the White House for (supposed) ideological reasons that doesn’t also condemn pop stars who did the same sort of thing during the last administration. Fair warning: Because it’s different when we do it, dammit, while honest enough, will not be judged to be a fair answer.

What’s that?  It’s the only answer?  Well, yeah, I suppose that would be a problem there, then.

Via @BillSTL.

Moe Lane

PS: Please, netrooters, by all means: scream at the NASCAR racers and call them bad names.  Loudly.  At the top of your lungs.  Until you black out from lack of oxygen.

Much obliged.

6 thoughts on “#rsrh Fun exercise in double-think for our #p2 colleagues!”

  1. Well, I’ll give it a try. The last administration actually appeared to like this country, they overspent a lot, but generally things went well.

    The current administration is everything that was hated about the prior administration ( Obama has done NOTHING to stop the supposed evil of GITMO for example, besides ordering the media not to notice that it is still open) on steroids. The POTUS is so completely tone-deaf and arrogant that it is off-putting. I can’t think of anything that he has done that isn’t designed to support progressive politics (and his own re-election) instead of the Nation as a whole. Every President has free reign to pursue policies in alignment with their voting base, but this one has done nothing BUT that. Oh, wait, I forgot that they extended the Bush era tax rates (for everyone) after getting shellacked in 2010, so I guess there is one thing.

    Based on that alone, I wouldn’t do anything at all to help this guy reach out to voters and possibly get re-elected. I guess it still all boils down to “it’s different when WE do it” after all.

  2. clicked on your link, read the comments. Saw a guy who inhabits the same area of the internet (hockey blogging) trolling the story.

    When a Canadian hockey blogger has to troll a NASCAR site to defend an American President…yeah, that President probably isn’t doing so hot.

  3. Oh come on, you’re not even trying. They are not attending due to “scheduling conflicts”. Obviously just run with that. The Hollywood stars would not visit Bush because he was the spawn of Hitler, if not Hitler himself and was probably just inviting them there to feast on their delicious brains anyway. The NASCAR drivers could not be there because the recovering economy is keeping everyone, including NASCAR drivers, very busy and employed across all sectors of the economy, but especially the new green economy. …This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius…A-QUAR-I-US….

    1. “…and was probably just inviting them there to feast on their delicious brains anyway”

      OK, that was just a gimme. I’m not recovering from surgery yet; I don’t need to be given easy ones. 🙂

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