Another Stealth Ace of Spades HQ pledge drive.

“Stealth” because his cobloggers never tell Ace ahead of time when they do one of these for him.  He’s shy about rattling the tip jar, even though he certainly deserves the cash…

Hmm, good point.


Hey, at least I’m not doing the old “Check to see if the button works” trick…

13 thoughts on “Another Stealth Ace of Spades HQ pledge drive.”

  1. Too bad, I made my Amazon pilgrimage this morning using your amazon tab instead of his. Well, enjoy your commission.

  2. Gee, and it comes the day after Ace beclowns himself badmouthing Palin supporters.
    Good timing, bro.

    1. DaveP: well, he’s a friend. And, frankly, elements of Palin’s online support network are starting to grate.

      To give you an idea how much they’re starting to grate: I looked at the previous sentence – which is pretty freaking innocuous – for a couple of minutes, trying to figure out how to make it more innocuous, because I these days have gotten into the habit of reflexively triple-checking Palin-related comments for how they play among drive-by commenters. Which is silly, but we somehow drifted into this situation. 🙂

  3. And you don’t offer nearly enough trolls. Seriously, have you thought about putting together a daily or weekly post of the vilest stuff that clogs up your filter? The little glimpses you give us are tantalizing.

  4. Moe, when you go from “Gee, these Palinistas are kinda fanatic…” to running four consecutive posts that delve into Krugman-level frothing hysterics (Sarah Palin brough up Perry’s Gardisil diktat because she’s ‘afraid of losing her position in the party’? Really? There’s no other reason anyone might be concerned about this issue?) and direct insults, I’ve gotta assume that any subsequent requests for money are intended as ironic jokes.
    Palin supporters might be fanatics, but I don’t see how that excuses acting like them.

  5. Everybody has crazy supporters, including your guy Perry. Redstate has become the home for his nutso worshippers.

    Have you read the comments lately? It’s full of ad hominem attacks against anybody who questions King Perry.

    If you criticize anything about Perry’s non-existent record of tax or regulation reform, or open border support, or cozy ties with rent-seeking businessmen, you get blasted by ad hominem smears. And you better admit you are really a supporter of somebody, otherwise you will be baselessly accused of being a Paulbot, Palin fanatic, vax nut, liberal Romney commie, or some other nonsense. Apparently, one has to be a sycophant for somebody.

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