You have got to be kidding me.

So I get to have a weeknight off, for a change – we have a babysitter and everything – and I think to myself: Hey, you could go see a movie!

…except that they all look like they suck.  Anybody got a suggestion?  As you may have gathered, I am more or less Jerry Bruckheimer’s target audience – so assume that I’m going to be not down with the rom-coms or the art films or the… anything where there’s no explosions, really.

5 thoughts on “You have got to be kidding me.”

  1. For the type of movie you’re talking about, I’ve heard Drive is not horrible, but have not seen it myself yet. It’s 93% positive on reviews on rotten tomatoes, but critic reviews exceed user reviews by a fair amount, so that’s a red flag in my book.

  2. Warrior is an excellent movie with very good acting, story and action. For more artistic incline,

    Drive is also good, but be aware, it is NOT an action movie. They don’t have the budget to crash car every other scene. It’s also very violent.

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