#rsrh And so begins the 2012 Congressional cycle…

…I’m starting to get the first calls from campaigns looking for RedState phone interviews. We had a pretty good run, last cycle: I think that the tally is something like at least five sitting governors, six sitting Senators, and twenty-six sitting Congressmen were interviewed by RedState since 2009.  Given that I’ll probably doing a lot of the non-Presidential ones, I figure that putting up the ground rules here and RedHotting it will give the right balance of access and shameless self-promotion.

Basically, the rules are these: I’ll be happy to interview people running as Republicans (I’m not interested in third-party candidates, sorry); I will interview people running against a Republican incumbent; but I am not interested in Red-on-Red Congressional dirt-spreading (I’m having enough headaches from the Republican Presidential primaries already).  Simply put, if you want your candidate to have a shot at telling me and RedState’s readers how awesome s/he is, great; if you want to instead take ten minutes telling me about how awful your Republican* opponent is… yeah, this is probably not going to go well.

Contact form is here; alternatively, anybody reading this with access to a RedState Director can use that email.  It’ll get to me pretty quickly.

Moe Lane

*Candidates can always tell me about how awful their Democratic opponent is, though.  That’s perfectly spiffy.

4 thoughts on “#rsrh And so begins the 2012 Congressional cycle…”

  1. If you can find a decent Senate candidate for FL this cycle, it would be much appreciated…

  2. I sent the link to Congressman Scott Rigell’s office.

    His dem opponent is one of Senator Mark Warner’s BFFs.

  3. Is it too much to hope that you’ll be calling the campaigns of certain presidential aspirants with no chance and encouraging them to run for the Senate? I can think of 3 or 4 off the top of my head ..

    It is too much? Ok..

    Thanks anyway, and good luck with the interviews!


  4. Good luck Moe, if I hear of a challenger in my district, I’ll be sure to give them your name. I’m pretty sure MA-01 is a safe democrat seat though.

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