#rsrh QotD, Walter Russell Mead’s Laudable Naivete edition.

(Via Instapundit) It’s kind of nice, that Mead can still believe that such a thing could happen:

President Obama and Vice President Biden must be deeply grateful that President Bush ignored his critics and went ahead with the surge; if they want to reduce the partisan polarization in Washington they could perhaps say something about it as our troops come home.

Completely impossible, of course: far too many progressives have based their moral center around a reflexive and habitual opposition to the liberation of Iraq and Afghanistan for the President to dare risk telling them the truth.  For that matter, said opposition will make it equally impossible for the President to “make a peace,” as Mead’s article proposes.  The antiwar Left has never thought of Iraqis as being really people, you understand; and now that Iraq can no longer be used to target Republicans there’s simply no reason for progressives to care about what happens in that country.  The best that Iraqis can hope for at this stage is benign neglect.

Moe Lane

PS: I feel forced to note that Mead seems to think that the Bush administration ‘botched’ the administration.  I also feel forced to reply: ‘botched’ as compared to what?  I hate to break it to modern America, but the Iraq War wasn’t our bloodiest.  It wasn’t even our bloodiest occupation, frankly.  Pride: it really is an insidious sin…

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