I am conflicted about this.

On the one hand, these people need to be mocked for ‘suffering’ from what have been accurately described as ‘First World problems.’

On the other hand, I think that some of these people are ‘suffering’ in a deliberately ironic way, in the justified hope that a little fake whining can often bring in the real whiners, too.

On the gripping hand, I already have an iPad 2*, so I can take a detached view on this sort of thing anyway.

Moe Lane

PS: Here.  The Salvation Army.  They help people with real problems.

*Gotten the old-fashioned way; to wit, via vicious mockery of the progressive netroots.

8 thoughts on “I am conflicted about this.”

  1. Mocked? They deserve to be dumped in some third world cesspit for a year to find out how good they have it….
    My Christmas rocked: I got a big coffee mug that says “A giant cup of I don’t give a [crap*]” from my niece. BEST. PRESENT. EVAR. 😉 It will bring me smiles for as long as I can keep from breaking it 😀

  2. I didn’t get anything but a box of candy, and I’m glad my husband remembered. What a bunch of whining ingrates. If I discovered my kid saying stuff like that, I would walk into his bedroom, confiscate every durned gift he’d gotten and donate them to charity. And tell him if he wants his iphone so badly to go get a job and earn one.

    Radical concept that. Whining babies.

  3. My Christmas was pretty good, on the whole. I gave a really cool gift to one of my best friends, which made his eyes light up; no better gift could I ask for.

  4. Dave, on that note, I gave my sisters Volumes 1 and 2 of “Sandman” by Neil Gaiman, and it was immensely gratifying to see them curled up in their rooms tonight reading their respective volumes. Love that feeling!

  5. I have to assume that these are joke posts and that no one on that list was serious. I have to think that they were pretending to be so selfish because the alternative answer would justify handing out beatings like they were going out of style.

  6. Nope, those were serious. It’s facebook and kids these days are selfish douchebags. To them there’s no reason why they shouldn’t bitch about their parents rewarding them for being alive.

    Still, a few of them will eventually pull their heads from their behinds. Eventually.

    I cot a coffee mug and some pseudo-cajun spices. And some flavored Pecans. The best gift was seeing my sibling’s rugrats scamper about the place. I love those little stinkers.

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