Penny Arcade & SOPA/PIPA.

As in, they’ve noted it today.  Interesting take on the whole thing, as seen through the lens of video gamers: more specifically, on how “odd” it was that the Entertainment Software Association managed to support a bill that its individual member companies all opposed.  Funny how that seems to happen a lot?

Now, I like PA quite well – more to the point, I have a healthy, perfectly reasonable fear of their wrath – so I am just going to note that there is in fact a reason why it seems like every politician who is explicitly disavowing this legislation has an R after their name, while pretty much all of the ones weaseling about it have Ds after theirs. It’s because blackouts are fine, but threatening primary challenges works a heck of a lot better.  Assuming, of course, that you have the reputation of following through on that sort of thing.  Which, well, the VRWC does.  And the netroots does not.  Something for the digital folks to think about, the next time that they need reliable allies for something.

Here endeth the lesson.

Moe Lane

2 thoughts on “Penny Arcade & SOPA/PIPA.”

  1. A little healthy fear – demonstrated by, say, a pile of skulls – is wonderful at reinforcing correct behavior.

  2. This is the point I was making in another thread about the power of the tech sector. Movie stars and Hollywood moguls are fun ‘n stuff (and rich ‘n stupid), but we could live without them. How long would any of us last without the internet and those who make it, you know, work?

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