Closing arguments in the TX redistricting case today.

And I wish that I had been there to see both the Democrats and the three-person judicial panel bug their eyes out at Texas’s lawyer when he calmly pointed out that any hypothetical screwing over of minority Democrats when it came to redistricting took place not because they were minorities, but because they were Democrats. I don’t know if that argument’s going to actually fly with the courts, but it must have at least rocked them back on their heels to have somebody simply admit that, yes, the Republicans dominate Texas right now, the Democrats don’t, and these facts have consequences.

As to how this will all play out… well, the USSC’s instruction to the San Antonio court trying to come up with interim maps still holds: show more deference to the state legislature’s maps.  Despite the fact that they’re probably going to be rejected anyway; and the deadline for new maps is going to be February 6th, on pain of delaying the primaries yet again.  I’m starting to understand why Michael Williams is assuming that there won’t be a primary in April…

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One thought on “Closing arguments in the TX redistricting case today.”

  1. Sir – I hope this all ends up well, but somehow, I get the feeling that despite the courts’ ruling, Republicans in Texas of all places will get shafted. I wish I were wrong, but look at the administration we’re dealing with. Not to mention the voters who put this administration in office to begin with.

    BTW, have you seen this week’s Rasmussen generic congressional ballot – for the first time in 2-1/2 years, Democrats are up – by 1 measely point, but nonetheless, this is huge. Any other poll I’d dismiss, but Rasmussen is usually pretty spot on.

    Thank you as always for your insightful analysis.

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