Drudge sums it up: “JUDGE: Whales not slaves…”

I’m not sure that I’m ready to forgive CBS this opening sentence:

An effort to free whales from SeaWorld by claiming they were enslaved made a splash in the news but flopped in court Wednesday.

It’s just the tiniest bit tedious in its punditry.

Moe Lane

PS: Via Drudge, obviously.

PS: Due to PETA, just as obviously.  I’d go eat some orcas in response, except that I actually like orcas.

One thought on “Drudge sums it up: “JUDGE: Whales not slaves…””

  1. When whales can build a fire then I’ll listen, not before. If they really were smart don’t you think the first order of business would have been communicating with the guys higher up on the food chain?

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