Tweet of the Day, PETA Honors A Man Who Killed A Groundhog On National TV edition.

And they wonder why people point and laugh.

Seriously, these people would normally be yelling about Groundhog Day celebrations where the mayor didn’t off a groundhog. It’s a little weird that they’re honoring somebody with sciurid blood on his hands…

PETA caught giving nasty agitprop to kids, and then lies about it.

(Via Hot Air) PETA being nasty:

Parents say they are considering taking PETA to court over an innocent-looking comic handed out to children at Calabash Elementary School in Woodland Hills that contained graphic images of mutilated cows, CBS Los Angeles reports.


The pamphlet appeared to be a cartoon comic and was titled “A Cow’s Life,” but the images inside were horrifying, parents said.

PETA being dumb:

Katie Arth of PETA says that it may have all just been an innocent mix up.

“PETA creates material for kids and for adults,” Arth said. “And it looks like there was just a mistake and our volunteers put the materials together to get them out quicker.”

Oh, really? Continue reading PETA caught giving nasty agitprop to kids, and then lies about it.

Drudge sums it up: “JUDGE: Whales not slaves…”

I’m not sure that I’m ready to forgive CBS this opening sentence:

An effort to free whales from SeaWorld by claiming they were enslaved made a splash in the news but flopped in court Wednesday.

It’s just the tiniest bit tedious in its punditry.

Moe Lane

PS: Via Drudge, obviously.

PS: Due to PETA, just as obviously.  I’d go eat some orcas in response, except that I actually like orcas.

Kill all the Canada geese you want, @annalthouse.

Heck, up there they’re probably full of fat and grease and all those good things; you can get some good eating off of them before they swoop down to the Eastern seaboard and make themselves at home and us miserable.  You have poor people up there, right?  Well, shoot more geese then and feed those people.  And it’ll only be easier, what with the recent civil rights victory in Wisconsin

What?  Oh, sorry: Ann was demonstrating a laudably bloodthirsty attitude towards slaughtering entire flocks of Canada geese, and I was encouraging her.  Shoot ’em, pluck ’em, gut ’em, roast ’em on fires right there in the park and go get some fresh corn.  I don’t know what wine goes with firepit Canada goose, though: whatever it is, it should complement PETA tears*…

Moe Lane

*I am from New Jersey.  We HATE Canada geese.  I’m not exactly sure why – well, more accurately I don’t know why we’re so irrational about it.

“Michael Vick in Talks to Become PETA Spokesman.”

No, really. Via AoSHQ Headlines:

Michael Vick in Talks to Become PETA Spokesman

NEW YORK ( — Michael Vick is in talks to become the new spokesman for PETA.

Yes, you read that correctly. The disgraced one-time NFL superstar serving prison time for funding an illegal dog-fighting ring is primed to do public-service ads for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals upon his release later this month. According to three people with knowledge of the matter, the proposed endorsement is part of a comprehensive PR scheme aimed at rehabilitating the quarterback’s image and gaining him readmission to the league that banned him from playing.

That’s almost a “I got nothing, sorry” – but not quite. It’s because of this:

Before doing a deal, however, PETA wants Mr. Vick to undergo a psychological evaluation for antisocial personality disorder.

Ach, well. Broken clock, twice a day, and all that.

Alas, not an update to the squirrel detonation story.

Let me just repeat the title again: Spokane parks to detonate squirrels using propane-fueled explosions. To paraphrase Bloom County, that title just sings.

Anyway, Stop the ACLU (via Hot Air’s Green Room’s Laura) takes this opportunity to kick PETA a little for equating military medical trauma exercises using animals (I’m sanitizing what happens there) with torture of humans. I’d be a lot more impressed with that argument if PETA was willing to put up volunteers ready to get deliberately and seriously injured in order to give the doctors somebody to practice on. Or if I thought that PETA was recruiting from the percentage of the population that thinks that having less dead or permanently crippled American troops was a good thing.

Hey, the next neocon you see in PETA’s ranks will be the first, you know what I mean?

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PETA own-goals the administration. Over a PUPPY.

(H/T: Brother Warner of RedState) Yes, ‘own-goals.’ If there was any possible way to pin this group on the Right it’d have been done years ago, and this story:

Breeder regrets dog sale to Biden

EAST COVENTRY — It was a proud moment for Linda Brown when then-Vice President-elect Joe Biden selected her kennel to purchase his new German shepherd puppy.


For Brown, that proud moment was short-lived.

After the story about the puppy sale ran in the newspapers and on TV newscasts, three dog wardens from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture showed up on Brown’s doorstep for a kennel inspection.


She said she has also received death threats from animal activists against her and Biden, which were reported to the Secret Service and the FBI.

…would have made the national news. Continue reading PETA own-goals the administration. Over a PUPPY.

Working their way up to killing swine: PETA in VA.

Yup. PETA’s killing pets again.

PETA’s Dirty Secret

From July 1998 through December 2008, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) killed over 25,112 dogs, cats, and other “companion animals.” That’s more than five defenseless creatures every day. PETA has a walk-in freezer to store the dead bodies, and contracts with a Virginia Beach company to cremate them.

You can see more at the site PETA Kills Animals, which is one of those sites that really, really bothers a certain sort of person. Like, say, the sort of person who doesn’t want to hear just how tasty my BACON and pineapple pizza was at lunch, or how I’m looking forward to taking some CHICKEN tomorrow and cooking it up for dinner.  Of course, that sort of person will almost certainly assume that I’m just saying all of that because I’m a shill for animal exploiters, or something.

Actually, no: to exceptionally misquote Scarface I’ll boot to the head PETA for free.  Although if Omaha Steaks wants to send over these babies in consideration for my trouble I’m not going to get bent out of shape about it.