#rsrh The only people wondering whether the Occupy movement…

…has a future in politics are the people that don’t actually really understand American politics. Which apparently includes Time Magazine.

But let me dumb it down: if the best that the Occupy movement can do is: field one candidate who will probably lose his primary; and create a cargo-cult PAC… then no, the Occupy movement has no future in politics.  Go ask the Tea Party movement how far along they were at the equivalent point in the last election cycle, compare it to where the Occupiers are now – then either wince, or engage in mocking daemonic laughter, as you see fit.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

5 thoughts on “#rsrh The only people wondering whether the Occupy movement…”

  1. Article in today’s ‘Detroit News’ outlines Daily Caller receipt of UAW training talking points, on a UAW website, for Occupy Newbies and camping out style Diehards. The claim is they’re gonna get 100K volunteers and make like MLK and Ghandi-Gee{aka: Ba-Bu/father}, and commence shortly.
    If they don’t work for a wage, can they join?

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