Back from John Carter.

Basically: as a movie it’s good, solid action fare.  Good supporting characters, decent pacing, nice visuals.

As an adaptation of one of the classics of science fiction it’s a work of staggering genius.  The people who made this movie give the impression that they actually read and liked ERB’s Barsoom series.  The plot’s not a point-to-point correspondence, but it’s a heck of a lot closer than you normally see.

5 thoughts on “Back from John Carter.”

  1. Never read the ‘Barsoom’ series, but on that recommendation, I am persuaded that the studio may indeed have earned a few bucks of my money and will actually pay to see it….

  2. It’s worth it, q. The changes in the plot were necessary and sufficient to upgrade A Princess Of Mars from pre-WWI scientifictional romance to fairly modern SF adventure. Also, Lynn Collins is smokin’ hot.

  3. Good to know, Moe. I just finished rereading the initial trilogy. Princess, Gods, and Warlord. Should be fun seeing it up on the big screen.

  4. I read the series about 6 months ago and then saw the movie on Friday. Told my friend after that if Disney hadn’t screwed the pooch with its seemingly endless gnashing of teeth over the title, they might have a decent series on its hands.

    I was surprised. Pleasantly. That happens far too infrequently at the movies these days.

  5. Also, Lynn Collins is smokin’ hot.

    Question: are her eyes really that shade of blue, or is she wearing tinted contacts? Because I kind of think that wars would be fought over eyes like that.

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