“Loser.” #wirecall

I try to save this for special occasions, these days.  Scott Walker managing to more or less equal the entire Democratic field, combined, in the WI special election primary*?


Loser, Beck

Moe Lane

*Seriously, that should not have happened.  For a guy in a non-contested primary to match the rest of the opposition party’s opposing field is an indication that the Democrats are going to have problems.

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  1. I think so too the MBM is obliged to pretend there is a race going on but I don’t see it. There’s Romney and the guy who messed up so badly he’s going to loose the only question is by how much?

  2. But he’s about equal to the total of all Democrat challengers. Wouldn’t it be better if his total vote count is more than all challengers combined rather than approximately equivalent? Assuming all D’s who came out tonight vote for Barrett in June and all R’s who came out tonight vote for Walker, won’t that mean that Walker could lose? I’m cynical but I figure better to keep expectations low.

  3. @OU812 – the key is this, if I understand correctly: Walker was uncontested. There was no one running against him and he still got as many votes as all of the Democrats combined. Now the question remains, how many Ds versus Rs sat out the primary, but I’m willing to bet there were a lot more Republicans with better things to do than Democrats in this case.

  4. Again, I apologize for being cynical, but as an incumbent, shouldn’t he also be getting more than 50% of the vote to ensure he’s not vulnerable? I love Scott Walker, and I hope he beats all this nonsense, but I’m trying to keep my hopes and expectations in check. I thought it was Dick Morris himself who said undecideds usually go to the challenger. Come on Wisconsin! Do the smart thing! Don’t be Illinois or California!

  5. No,OU812, the republicans wouldn’t have had to even go and vote today. Scott walker is already going to be the GOP candidate, uncontested races always have a lower turnout.
    Don’t worry, I am sure they’ll be out there in November.

  6. The winds, they be a blowin’. Cautious conservatives and delusional liberals can’t quite grasp it yet, though.

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