#rsrh UN wants us to give Mt. Rushmore back to the Sioux!

Um. No.

The AP:

A United Nations fact finder surveying the lives of Native Americans and Alaska Natives said Friday he’ll recommend in an upcoming report that some of the tribes’ lands be restored, including the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Funny about that: a RedState/MoeLane fact-finder surveying the lives of American citizens (which include Native Americans and Alaska Natives*) wrote today that he’ll recommend right now that UN Headquarters in NYC be evacuated** and the building be reduced to rubble via multiple artillery strikes.  Guess which is more likely to happen?


Walter Russell Mead (H/T: Instapundit) has more, including the fact that this is, of course, all happening because our brilliant President:

So what gives the UN a mandate to recommend that the United States return Mount Rushmore to the Sioux? It is a 2010 decision by President Obama, who reversed longstanding US policy and endorsed the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

Here’s a free tip for the President: there’s usually a reason why we routinely ignore the stupidities of the UN bureaucracy.  It often behooves one to actually, you know, look it up first.  In this particular case, the aforementioned Declaration – as is usual for these sorts of things – calls upon its adherents to do things that the federal government of the United States of America is actually not permitted to do.  This concept may startle the administration, given that liberals generally do not recognize it as a valid one*** – but then, liberals are not exactly a majority in this country.

Moe Lane

PS: Yes, I am a horrible person for insisting that Native Americans be more fully integrated into America, rather than turning their existing Nations into full-fledged, autonomous mini-countries. …And?

*Damned if I know why there’s a difference. Probably due to the fact that that UN bureaucrats have to do something when the supply of Third World kids for UN child prostitution rings temporarily dries up.

**Yes, evacuate it first.  Don’t be nyeh kulturny.

***I’m sorry, but liberals do not.  The idea that there are things that the American government cannot do, no matter how much the government might want to do them, is simply anathema to the Left.  That’s why the Left wants to talk about the Constitution being a ‘living document;’ it makes it easier to change the rules so as to permit the latest fad.

14 thoughts on “#rsrh UN wants us to give Mt. Rushmore back to the Sioux!”

  1. Does Obama also count native americans (not counting Elizabeth Warren) as part of his “coalition”? I wonder because I notice we have put up markers along a major road here saying it is part of the original path of the Trail of Tears.

    I don’t have any feelings one way or another about the markets. It just seems like this President to want to do anything he can to remind us how bad we are as a nation.

    It is good to remember what we did wrong as a nation, but I don’t know if similar efforts are underway to mark historic spots that shed our nation in a more positive light.

  2. I’m sure the U.N. will make a similar recommendation to China about Tibet any day now.

  3. I’ve got a plan. Airstrike on the (evacuated, damn you Moe) U.N. building. Multiple live camera angles, put cameras in the missiles like they did during the Gulf War. Then, sell it for $50 on PPV. I’d be first in line to buy/watch that.

  4. ^^Nah. Do the Heavy Metal solution: turn it into low-income housing for illegal aliens.

  5. Then we bomb it? Cause I’m anti any solution that doesn’t end in a very large explosion…

  6. If you have large explosions, there must be gratuitous cleavage as well. It’s the law!!

  7. I kinda assumed the large was included in gratuitous, but yeah, probably should specify 😉

  8. Well, I did too, but specification is key. So it must be nice too. 😉

  9. Like Ric’s suggestion best send it registered mail, return reciept requested. how long do you think it would be to find someone who is willing to take responsibility for signing for it. The way the U.N. they’ll still be sitting in the building trying to find someone to sign for the letter when the bombs fall.

  10. You’re all missing the theme here. Instead of simply ‘evacuating’ the UN, we send in the military to forcibly evict them, give them a few minutes to get their things, and force march them with limited supplies to a new, ‘better’ UN headquarters further west.

  11. I think you’re missing our point. We want the UN off U.S. soil, the building terminated with extreme prejudice….and nice, large cleavage.

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