Soooo… how is Diablo III?

Haven’t picked up Diablo III, yet.  May not do so for a while: got a lot to do right now as it is.  But how is it going?

8 thoughts on “Soooo… how is Diablo III?”

  1. I got it up and running last night. Very impressive! I love the updated graphics and the environment is more interactive (like being able to drop a chandelier on bad guys). The gameplay mechanics is a mix of the familiar and new so there’s some adjustments to be made there. I like the inventory system better, it’s not quite so Tetris-y as it used to be. I’ve only got to level 5 with one character so there’s still much to learn about how everything is going to work.

    See you in Tristram!

  2. I hear more wailing and gnashing of teeth about server issues than actual talk about the game.

  3. I got a copy yesterday (from a brick and mortar store, how 20th century of me!) and had no problems getting a single player game started. I’m not sure about multiplayer/co-opt since I normally don’t go that route. Perhaps that is where all the nerdrage is coming from?

    As for the game – it’s great so far. It evoked all those classical Diablo moments. It took me a while to remember the ‘hold shift to stay in place and not go running into that group of mobs’ thing but aside from that things are going swimmingly.

  4. The initial crush of logins had people waiting in a queue before they got to play single player. A trip to the store might have been long enough to avoid the wait time. Personally, I don’t buy games that require an internet connection for single-player at launch or for full price.

  5. When the servers are up, it’s Diablo, only prettier. When the servers aren’t up, which has been something over 50 percent of my available playtime, it’s not so good.

    If this weren’t Diablo, tbh, I wouldn’t put up with this. Not being able to play offline single-player makes me cranky. Activision’s spending the accumulated Blizzard goodwill like a drunken Congressman, and that well’s going to be dry soon.

  6. If I weren’t at work, I’d be playing it right now. I had an incredible amount of fun last night with it. It’s been out all of two days, so I’m willing to give the server issues a little time to get worked out.

  7. Just came in the UPS today, have to wait until the kids nap before I can fire it up.

  8. Always-on DRM is a no-no in my book. Well, NOW it is, after having been burned by it.

    Also, the dishonesty of the DEV team (their ‘reasons” for the always-on DRM was less than honest, very deceptive, and obvious to anyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size) wrote the game off for me. If you’re playing it, I hope you enjoy it!

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