#rsrh QotD, The Blind Lecturing The… Not Blind, I Guess edition.

George Will, gently explaining to Senator Patrick Leahy – a man who, as Will puts it, “probably no longer knows when he sounds insufferably patronizing” – why he’s probably going to be swinging and missing when it comes to trying to break Chief Justice John Roberts to what we will charitably call Sen. Leahy’s ‘will:’

Leahy intimated that overturning Obamacare would be as momentous, as divisive of the nation and as damaging to the court as was Bush v. Gore, which he asserts “shook the confidence of the American people in the Supreme Court.” But surely a striking fact about that decision is how equably Americans accepted it. This testified to the court’s durable prestige, which is a function of the court’s immunity to pressures from politicians. Public approval of the court is above 50 percent, that of Congress below 20 percent.

I’ll add the obvious point that Leahy is himself one of the reasons why Congress is loathed so much.  Thirty-plus years in the Senate, and what is he going to be best-remembered for? Being an extra in The Dark Knight.  Which is admittedly cool, but all the things that he’ll be worst-remembered for – including Obamacare, if we’re not lucky – are going to kind of overwhelm it…

(H/T Hot Air Headlines)

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  1. How many Dinosaurs do the Dems have in the Senate? Or does lying all the time just make you age faster

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