#rsrh If you’re wondering who Commerce Secretary John Bryson is…

.. John Bryson is a former environmental lawyer and the co-founder of the virulently Green (anti-nuke, anti-coal, anti-LIGHT BULB edition) Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).  To give you an idea of how reputable that group is: in 2009 the NRDC raised $866K in Massachusetts… approximately 1% of which went to the actual charity (the average was 43%).  I’m uncertain whether to be disgusted at the (perfectly-legal) diversion of funds, or simply relieved that more of the money didn’t end up enabling hardcore Greenie activists.

Anyway, the guy reportedly had a seizure of some kind that caused him to get into three accidents with two cars and get cited for felony hit-and-run.  Thankfully, nobody was seriously injured; and, obviously, I hope that Commerce Secretary Bryson gets the help that he needs for a full recovery from his condition.

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