Gack. People are STILL complaining…

…about the Mass Effect 3 ending, judging from the reactions to a new app about the final days of production.

Folks.  The game came out three months ago.  Imagine that I’m saying this in that slow, sarcastic half-whisper that Northeasterners use when we’re being particularly sarcastic: let it goooooo.  It ain’t healthy.

4 thoughts on “Gack. People are STILL complaining…”

  1. Ehh, these people have spent 200 bucks and at least 100 hours on this game. I think they’re entitled.



  2. Neil, there seems to be some confusion. The closest thing we have to a Starship Troopers movie is an anime series called Uchū no Senshi that came out in 1988. And it wasn’t too objectionable. 🙂

  3. Moe, aren’t you aware how the interwebs work? You don’t even stop beating the greasy stain on the pavement that might, once, long ago, have been a horse. If you don’t want to let fans complain about something, you’re taking all the fun out of it.

  4. Only 100 hours? In my case, somewhere around 800. Most likely North of.

    The ME3 ending remains horrible. The shocking part is that the writers convinced themselves it was good. That’s the part that’s news.
    We already had strong indicators that the DLC was going to double-down on failure. This pretty much puts “paid” to the notion that the DLC will redeem the ending. It looks like they’re in “we must explain the naunce to the Philistines” mode. So we can look forward to a well-polished turd.

    The ending wasn’t the only thing I disliked about the game. I was annoyed that I only got about 10 minutes of gameplay in the first hour of the game. I was irritated by the long, frequent cutscenes. I hated that I could interrupt a cutscene to finish a frigging toast, but had no other option but to watch passively while characters I cared about fought for their lives.
    But if the ending had been good, all of those would have been forgiven, and I’d have turned right around to run one of my other characters through. As it is, I might get around to doing that. Someday. In the meantime, I’ve got Dishonored and Dawnguard to look forward to, and a bunch of old games I enjoyed to replay.

    Still, the ending of ME3 was horrible. It’s the most salient point of the game, and needs to be mentioned as often as possible. All the great stuff from the series ended in a steaming pile of fail.

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