FemShep Barbie.

So I was sent this (via The Mary Sue):

FemShep Barbie.

Also, the Extended endings are out.  I post this with some hesitation, given that I fully expect to hear at least one response that will exhibit what is often unkindly called ‘nerdrage.’ Personally, though, I hope that this settles the issue.  Or at least dials it back to tolerable for most people.

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  1. Well, I hope I am less confused at the ending, but in any event I will salve my pain with Dawnguard.

  2. Downloading it right now. And I’m pretty sure there will be someone complaining about it. It’s one of those laws of geekdom.

  3. “Or at least dials it back to tolerable for most people.”

    Eh, this is the internet, I don’t think that’s possible. And in any case the descriptions of this ahead of time had them doubling down on their original ‘vision’, so, no, I don’t think so.

  4. I expect the extended endings to suck less than the originals. That’s a pretty easy bar to clear. I’m pretty confident they’ll succeed. I’m not in a huge hurry to see, though. I’ve downloaded it, but Dawnguard comes first. (And unpacking from the move comes before that.)
    Which is not to say that I think they’ll redeem the ending. But I’m pretty sure it’ll no longer be a blatant non sequitor.

    The thing that’s blowing my mind is that Dawnguard has some 20 hours of gameplay, but the download is less than *half* the size of the ME3’s extended endings.

  5. Cutscenes do that, Luke. One would imagine that all the Dawnguard stuff is done in engine (granted, I still have yet to play Skyrim, so what do I know about it’s standard plot beats?).
    At this point, I am more annoyed about ME3s lack of playable SP DLC (come on, it’s been 3 months already; surely Bioware can spare some folk away from making new MP roulette MP packs) and stupid MP only achievements than it’s bad ending. But who knows how I will feel about the ending whenever I get around to doing an Insanity run/watch the “new” version…

  6. Have I mentioned that I hate cutscenes?
    OK, I liked the ones in ME1. They were short, and full of win. ME2 got a bit carried away with them, but the interrupts kind of made up for it. ME3 had some great ones, but also lots of boring and frusterating ones, and enough of the darned things that I spent a large portion of the game as a passive observer. (I can hit an interrupt to finish a toast, but have to passively watch as my friends fight for their lives? Seriously, what’s up with that?)

    Heck, I even hate Skyrim’s killcam for crits. Yes, they’re cool. But I’m not a fan of the perspective changing when what I really want to do is engage the other enemy that’s trying to tear my face off.

    Evidently, lots of people like MP. I don’t happen to be one of them, but I also thought the BetaMax would beat out the VHS. Plus the software companies are convinced that MP is the key to keeping people from reselling their games.

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