#rsrh QotD, I Kind Of Dispute Charlie Cook Here edition.

Charlie’s going over some of the details about the upcoming election (short version: it’s about the economy, and Obama’s behind the eight ball), and more or less finishes up:

Unless the Obama team can discredit Romney, though, convincing voters that he is a ruthless, uncaring corporate buccaneer, this will be a hard election to win.

…Mitt Romney should probably avoid ‘uncaring,’ on general principles.  But ‘ruthless’ doesn’t exactly sound like a bad thing, in this context.  Heck, ‘corporate buccaneer’ suggests that Romney will know exactly who to punch, once he’s in office.  And right now the American people are probably not adverse to the idea of having somebody to punch.

What’s that?  “Then why doesn’t Barack Obama throw punches?”  Oh, that’s easy: he’s trying to throw punches right now.  You just haven’t really noticed because Obama’s such a wuss about it.

Via Hot Air.

3 thoughts on “#rsrh QotD, I Kind Of Dispute Charlie Cook Here edition.”

  1. I’m pretty much banking on the “ruthless, uncaring corporate buccaneer”-thing to justify voting for him, myself. A budget with $1t annual deficits obviously needs more than a little trimming around the edges. If the dems retain enough senate seats to stop us from closing down the dept of Ed., then maybe we can at least outsource it to India, or something. It’s really his 2nd best selling point. His best selling point is that he’s not Barak Obama.

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